A Taste of South Eastern Sicily with Soul of Sicily Programs

Discovering The Sicilian Food Traditions of South Eastern Sicily


Cooking Lessons & Culinary Programs
Together let's venture inside the soul of the island, delving into its history and culture. Our cooking lessons are informal and relaxed, with a balance of professional and home-style lessons, and include culinary experiences which range from formal days led by wine experts to relaxing but unforgettable Sicilian style days in the olive groves, filled with eating, laughing and cooking. Through food, you will gain a better understanding of local Italian life and culture. There is less emphasis on knife skills and teaching approaches you may be used, and more of a focus on nurturing while preparing food.

Piatti tipici we may try are cannoli sicilianipasta alla norma, fresh sword fish and tuna, capers, fresh seasoned olives, stuffed calamari, fava bean soup, artichokes, gelato, almond granita. Possible Spring dishes include: Fresh Fava Bean Salad, Insalata del contadino, Pasta with Wild Fennel Pesto, Pasta with Ricotta and Sausage, Gelo a limoneCrema di Cioccolato with Pears & Nero d'avola. 

During our home cooking lessons, we cook together in a small intimate cucina, enjoying relaxing days filled with tradition and warmth. During our September wine week, we bake bread and sfincione in farmhouse style kitchen with a wood burning oven. We also collaborate with some of Sicily's most loved Chefs, and at times you can even take a peek into their professional kitchens. In these cooking classes, we use local ingredients and if the weather permits, we will feast outside while enjoying sweeping views of the countryside from the terrazzo.

Cooking Levels

Whether you are an experienced home cook or are just beginning to discover cooking, Soul of Sicily recreational programs and culinary tours can help take your cooking to the next level. Our students range from inspired beginners to accomplished Chefs who come to research the history and cultural influences that have shaped Sicilian Cooking. You will leave our programs inspired and astonished by the art of Sicilian cooking. There is no other program like ours in all of Italy. We offer the perfect balance of authentic cooking and professional organization.


Our classes are conducted in English with local home cooks who demonstrate the recipes. You will hear plenty of Italian and Sicilian in our programs so be ready! Beyond techniques and Sicilian ingredients, we know you will want to take all that you have learned back home with you, so our lessons are created with that in mind. For information on our professional advanced program, please email us at info@soulofsicily.com

Organic Vegetables & Fruits

We are located in an area where small farmers grow fava beans, peas, zucchini, eggplant, wild capers, herbs, tomatoes, lettuce, celery, onions, peppers and broccoli. The best lemons, oranges and almonds can be tasted here. In the fall, carob is harvested, olives are gathered from the ancient trees and la vendemmia begins. During lessons we use local, fresh pressed extra virgin olive oil, and we are just minutes away from producers of Sicilian wines. 

Excursions to discover local traditions

Our approach to week-long cooking programs in Sicily goes beyond what you may find in the hundreds of other programs offered in Italy. We offer you the chance to step into an otherwise closed off side of Sicily... meeting the best home cooks and Chefs of Sicily. When possible, we like to be a bit improvisational.