Dear Travelers, 

I chose Noto as the base for my culinary programs a decade ago, when I fell madly in love with the pairing of late baroque architecture and the unmatched Sicilian pastries. Pastry making has been a fine art here for generations, and visitors come from all over the world for a taste.

Over the course of many years of work and research in this lesser-known corner of Sicily, I discovered ancient culinary traditions and top quality agricultural products here. The almonds, herbs, lemons and olive oil are some of the best in the world. Local products used for our menus are km 0 that we gather right from our garden and local farm. From the simple and austere cooking rituals of ancient Greeks, to the unexpected flavor combinations left by the Arabs, I have explored not only recipes and food rituals, but eating as a way of life in a place where cooking is still an art, and recipes are still learned by feeling and instinct.

I would like to share all of this with you. 

So, I am thrilled to announce my new culinary tour in Southeastern Sicily, "The Soul of Sicily: Almonds, Chocolate, Pastry & Baroque,” an exploration of Sicily's hidden gems, with visits to ancient sites, Greek ruins, food artisans, pastry makers and top restaurants, while exploring some of Italy's most stunning baroque architecture.

I am the first to offer a week-long tasting experience that is a celebration of the art of pastry in baroque Sicily!!!!! 

At the heart of all of my tours are visits to carefully chosen places, and lots of time passed with generous, talented Sicilian friends and family. From artists, to Chefs, to artisans and the island's most innovative wine makers, to farmers, cheese makers and herbalists, you'll meet genuine, passionate personalities who will share our Sicily with you.

You will experience Sicily like a local, visit sleepy hill towns and meet loving Sicilians who will make your experience unforgettable.

The Sicilian Almonds, Pastry & Baroque Tour in Italy is being offered by Soul of Sicily from September 5th - 11th, 2016 and throughout the month of September. Soul of Sicily has been delighting small groups of travelers with culinary tours since 2006.

The lesser-known corner of Southeastern Sicily offers visitors hidden away ancient sites, baroque treasures, pristine beaches, Sicilian vineyards, Greek ruins and Italy's most creative culinary traditions and genius. Tastings of heirloom varieties of almonds (with floral and bittersweet notes), and the pastries and cookies made from them will be an essential part of the experience.

Noto's Cultivar Romana almonds have intense flavor, and are used in almond pudding, granita, cookies, frutta martorana and almond milk. Sicily's almonds are the best in the world. Marzipan making is not a dying art in Sicily. In Noto, tasting unmatched pastries is complemented by the most beautiful baroque architecture imaginable — churches, narrow streets, stone palazzos. Almond lovers will appreciate the artisanal quality of some of the best almonds in the world.  We also explore Sicilian chocolates, uniquely flavored with the island's aromatic spices and herbs.

I've been taking visitors to taste Sicily's pastries, cookies and chocolates for years. The area is also known for wines such as Moscato di Noto and Nero d'avola and there are lemon and olive groves surrounding the baroque city.  “Sicilian Almonds, Chocolate, Pastry & Baroque,” a tasting tour of Southeastern Sicily, is an exploration of Sicily's hidden gems, with visits to ancient sites, Greek ruins, food artisans, pastry makers and top restaurants, while exploring some of Italy's most stunning baroque architecture. 

Soul of Sicily experiences are unmatched in that they bring visitors right to the soul of Sicilian culture. One of our clients referred to what we do in Sicily as "pulling back the curtain in Oz."

Come join us for the adventure!

Renée Restivo
Soul of Sicily

About Soul of Sicily:  Soul of Sicily has been offering culinary tours of Southwestern Sicily for over a decade. We organize guided and custom culinary tours that provide you an insider's taste of Sicily, in the heart of the Mediterranean!