Would you like to experience an authentic Soul of Sicily cooking class (live from Noto) without ever leaving your home? Would you like to learn traditional dishes for your family or for dinner parties? Now, you may enjoy the pleasure of a Soul of Sicily class with your friends and family (or on your own as a customized independent study) in your home kitchen in a private cooking classes via Skype.

We will present the lesson in English to  you from our kitchen in Sicily. You will come to our Skype class with the ingredients from the shopping list we provide. We'll be sure to give you plenty of important tips a week before the class so that you select the right quality of ingredients. The class menu must be finalized at least one week before your class date. You will enjoy a step-by-step demonstration of each dish for our 3 course Menu, and you'll have a chance to interact and ask questions during the lesson as we cook. At the end of your class, your Instructor will say goodbye to you, you'll close Skype and enjoy an authentic meal.

How to Reserve:

1. Select your class Menu.

Choose from one of the following courses:


Sicilian Orange Salad with Fennel & Olives

Pasta alla Norma (with Eggplant, Tomato, Basil & Ricotta Salata Cheese)

Sicilian Meatballs with sweet and sour onions or Chicken alla Stimpirata (traditional style preparation with vegetables)



Sicilian Antipasti - we'll devote part of this lesson to teaching you what to serve and how to present it in order to create a truly authentic Sicilian antipasti platter. Antipasti may include Sicilian fritatta, fritters, marinated vegetables and more.

Secret to making a Sicilian Sugo (thick tomato sauce with sausage and other meats, concentrate, wild fennel and more) OR Vegetarian Ragu Served with Pasta


PESTO & SAUCE MAKING CLASS - learn to make several different pesto, including Pesto Trapanese (basil, tomato, garlic, cheese and almonds), Herb Pesto (with a range of herbs), Olive Pesto. Then learn how to prepare a complete pasta dish, present it and more.

HOME MADE SICILIAN PASTA MAKING CLASS - in this class, we'll walk you though the step-by-step process of making fresh pasta from scratch without using a pasta machine. The only tool you'll need is a wooden rolling pin. We'll teach you how to handle dough, how to roll it, how thin it should be for which pasta types. Then you'll learn how to cut a variety of pasta shapes. We'll go over which shape is served with which sauce.
We'll then prepare a seasonal sauce (agreed upon in advance) using the best local seasonal vegetables and other ingredients.

SICILIAN SEAFOOD CLASS  - Menu Includes: Sarde a Beccafico (fresh sardines stuffed with currants, breadcrumbs, pine nuts and more), Swordfish sauteed with capers, olives and tomatoes, antipasti and dolci.

2. Send us an email with the first date of your choice, the time you prefer, and the # of people in your group (up to 4). Classes may be scheduled Monday - Friday  at 10AM EST and last about 2 1/2 hours (not including your dining time). Saturday are available upon request in January 2018 and February 2018. If you are on the West Coast of the USA, please email us the times/days you are available.

3. Send your Paypal Payment via this link or email us your request and we'll send you an invoice.

Price is $249 for a class for two students.  If your group is for three or four people, please add $49 per each additional student. Digital recipe booklet is included for you. For a printed recipe booklet and a fun colorful Sicily apron added to your order and mailed to you, please add $12.99 per person and include your mailing address.

4. Upon receipt of your deposit, we'll send you a class confirmation and Class Preparation instructions. Note: to take the class, you have to have a computer with Skype so that you can open the screen and we can do a video call.  You place the computer on your kitchen counter and we'll walk you through the recipes via Skype. Facetime may also be used. We can send you a link to download Skype if you need it. Note: Cost of ingredients for most classes is under $40 and you shop for them on your own.

NOTE: A 2 day Soul of Sicily Virtual Cooking Class is also available and the price is $449 for that package for two students and it includes digital booklets.

Gift certificates are also available and we send out a digital PDF certificate with the SOUL OF SICILY logo and MENU that you may print out and present as a wrapped gift or send by email for a digital gift to someone far away. Feel free to email us with any questions or with requests for customized lessons. Let us know what dishes you'd like to learn and we'll put together a menu and class for you.